Welcome to High Desert Minerals, a site dedicated to the collection, preservation and study of mineral and fossil specimens.  We think mineral and fossil specimens are not only interesting and often beautiful, but are also very important!

To us, all specimens of minerals and fossils, whether rare or common, pretty or ordinary, monetarily-valuable or not, have an intrinsic value.  In nature, both mineral and fossil specimens have a “life span,” because they are exposed by the processes of weathering and erosion, or excavation and construction by man, and will eventually be lost forever, unless preserved.  Once a specimen is lost, it cannot be reclaimed, for the processes of formation and march of life over geologic time, will never come again.  Therefore, this website advocates the collection of all types of mineral and fossil specimens, even those not sufficiently rare to merit the academic interest of professional mineralogists or paleontologists, simply to preserve common geologic material otherwise irreparably lost to all of us, and our descendants.

We are excited to share with you some of the many treasures we have accumulated over decades of collecting, trading and purchasing.  Our intent is to provide specimens of common mineral and fossil types (and a few rare ones, too) in a price range affordable to just about anyone interested in geologic materials.  So take a look at all we have to offer and check back often, as we add new items all the time!