Other Rock Shows

Below is a list of shows High Desert Mineral’s has attended in past years.  Although we will not be attending this year, if you are in the area we do highly recommend you check them out!


Tucson Gem and Mineral Society
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show™  (MAP)

The main Tucson show is held every year on the second full weekend in February at the Tucson Convention Center.  But the real action begins in late January with a couple of dozen individual shows at motels, other convention facilities and large tented areas, which makes this the largest gem and mineral show in the world.  Many of these smaller individual shows are devoted entirely to specific items including minerals, fossils, gemstones and beads, with many having combinations of some or all of these materials.  The two weeks before the main show are stock-up time for many dealers, as new materials usually show up then, and there are bargains to be had, for the comparison shopper.  But come well-rested, because total Tucson will wear you down, just looking!


Mohave County Gemstoners
Kingman Annual Show  (MAP)

The Kingman show is an early spring event in the nice little city of Kingman, AZ.  The show is small, but some interesting things occasionally show up there after the collecting season, down south.  Besides the show, the Hualapai Mountains south of town are worth a visit for the scenery.


Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society
Annual Gem-O-Rama  (MAP)

The Searles Lake Gem-O-Rama not only has a good show but also hosts three of the best collecting trips anywhere.  World-class specimens of halite, hanksite, borax/tincalconite, trona and sulphohalite are common at Searles Lake, with the “blow hole” field trip likely being the largest single field trip in the world.  Early October in Trona, California, usually has very nice weather, and the last chance at a good warm-up and a tan, for anyone living much further north.  We did the Searles Lake show for 18 years before moving back to Washington, and always miss being there.


Lake Havasu Gem & Mineral Society
Annual Gem & Mineral Roundup  (MAP)

The folks in Lake Havasu always put on a good event, with lots of variety for a relatively small show.  The weather at Lake Havasu in November is usually warm and dry, even when things have already turned nasty not much further north.  Plus if you have never seen London Bridge, it’s worth a trip just so you can take a moment to walk across and marvel at the fact that it was taken apart, stone by stone, in London, then shipped to Arizona and reassembled, stone by stone, across an arm of the Colorado River.